Yap 721

Yap721 (2021)    Beijing Guard Art Center

Inspired by the Rai Stone found on Yap Island (FEI in short), Yap721 depicts the earliest form of human account ledgers. From single-entry bookkeeping method in early history to double-entry bookkeeping dominantly used in corporations and the presently used distributed bookkeeping system utilized in cryptocurrency, the human understanding of wealth changes over generations. Both UTXO of bitcoin and Token standard of ERC20/ERC721 substantially are the ledgers to record the rights of owners. The crypto artworks in the form of ERC721 are just like pieces of FEI marked with the imprints of every owner upon every transaction and circulation.


Yap721 (2021)   Beijing Guard Art Center

The hexadecimal code of genesis block of bitcoin is engraved on one face of FEI, and the web address for each bidding of art work on TopBidder is circularly engraved in a sequential order on the other face. There are prints of each collector on the physical form of artwork, and recording of each collector becomes permanent in the blockchain world. 


Yap721 (2021)