Bidder.Art 是⼀个基于⽐特币Ordinals协议开发的加密艺术发⾏与交易平台,运⽤了⽐特币的⼀个重要特性时间戳服务器。



Bidder.Art is a cryptographic art publishing and trading platform based on the Ordinals protocol of Bitcoin, which utilizes a timestamp server, an important feature of Bitcoin.

Based on the timestamp server, artists can upload their own creations to the public chain, and the higher level of the Bitcoin block at the time of uploading becomes a globally recognized proof of the time which the work was published, allowing the artwork to be immortalized on the Bitcoin chain.

With the advent of the silicon-based era, the bitcoin blockchain higher levels will become public timestamps for machines that will be recognized not only in the human world, but also by silicon-based intelligence of the future.