CryptoZR: Red and blue,The reflection of the Sino-US game in the crypto world

Author: Guo Cheng

The new money that started with the digitial currency is called the “technological bourgeoisie”,The new wealthy class with a strong economic foundation often needs higher-level spiritual products to meet transcendence needs. When luxury goods become the common equipment, art collection will naturally become the target of new money.

I have to admit that when purples of different shades are laid out on the screen, a noble atmosphere pops out. Encrypted artist CryptoZR(Liu Jiaying) extracted red and blue from the national flags of China and the United States, The gradient of the color is divided into 100 stripes. Behind the minimalist form is the opinion of value.

CryptoZR,Red and Blue,2019,

The carrier of encryption art is the screen, and electronic images are the most important way of display.Computer painting, 3D modeling, algorithm generation, and real-time interaction……Anything that can be displayed on the screen can be used as a form of presentation. However, its core “encryption” feature means the production of the new rules. The classification of art based on the aesthetic paradigm of shapes, colors, and themes took shape as early as half a century ago. Photography, video, and new media art have been fully discussed in these dimensions. French philosopher Nicolas Bourriaud’s “Relational Aesthetics” published in 1998 opened up new dimensions for our understanding and appreciation of art._

Relational Aesthetics:A set of artistic practices which take as their theoretical and practical point of departure the whole of human relations and there social context, rather than an independent and private space.

The minimalist form of “Red and Blue” obviously does not carry complicated artistic labor (painting or digital painting),However, Liu Jiaying integrated a year of “time” into the minimalist form to promote the creation of this relationship aesthetic.

This work was created in 2019. The trade friction between China and the United States made Liu Jiaying realize that the relationship between the two countries will become two clear values and a political game. “Red and Blue” was created in October 2019. She hopes to predict and even reveal the height of this game through the “color block” bidding. What is even more unexpected is that the covid-19 epidemic in early 2020 pushed the world into a completely unpredictable future. The significance of the work “Red and Blue” is also self-evident.

Under the framework of “Relational Aesthetics”, “Art” raises questions about collection. When a collector pays for a work, what does he buy? Traditional art collection has revealed the answer for us in the long history-collect a photographic work: neither pay for photo paper, nor for linens that carry paintings—collectors buy the creations of artists. Obtain spiritual recognition from the identity of “owning”. “Red and Blue” is an expression of values, Liu Jiaying opened the auction for her work on OpenSea without clarifying her creative intention. The purer color blocks at both ends of the canvas are more popular, and the current blue bidding price is higher.

The “one year” is approaching. Whether the culture, technology, policy, and news of China and the United States can influence the bidding of works is the reality that works should be explored in the context of art. When color has opinion, the bidding will be mixed with many factors such as values, political tendencies, identity, ethnoism, instant feedback of emotions, etc. However, perhaps these factors will completely fail before NFT’s investment attributes. The financial market assumes that every investor is rational, and the soul that is pinned on the body is controlled by emotional preferences. Then “Red and Blue” is also a trial run, which will reveal the collection logic behind NFT. “China will win” or “I love America” The collection will be announced between red and blue as the field on Oct. 18.

Original article from: OCT 14, 2020, 17:05 by Crypto News in TECHNOLOGY