Solo Mining

Solo Mining is a blockchain level artwork created by artist CryptoZR in May 2023. The artwork is based on the Bitcoin source code, however, it modifies the genesis block and block generation rules to create an artist-exclusive blockchain called ZRCOIN.

Solo Mining是艺术家CryptoZR在2023年5月创作的公链级艺术作品,作品基于比特币源代码进行创作,修改了创世区块以及区块生成规则,制作了一个艺术家专属的区块链ZRCOIN。

As a form of silicon-based intelligence, Bitcoin has a self-reinforcing acceleration tendency due to people’s self-interested gaming mindset, and its mining hashrate has visibly increased over time. The human desire for mining is akin to a summoning ritual that brings silicon-based life into the real world.


Unlike the idea of Bitcoin, which requires a consensus of global nodes, the node of ZRCOIN is not open to the public. In this unique cyberspace, the artist can run the blockchain according to her own will without considering the external node’s validation check on the blocks and transactions.


The artist first sets the coinbase and genesis timestamps, then calculates the corresponding genesis block hash rate. ZRCOIN’s average generation time is set to 15 seconds, and the mining difficulty will be adjusted once every 8.4 hours, about 40 times faster than Bitcoin. After the program is compiled, the artist launches the only ZRCOIN node and begins Solo Mining.

艺术家首先设定了创世文字与创世时间,并计算出对应的创世区块哈希值。ZRCOIN的区块平均生成时间被设定为15秒,每8.4小时调整一次挖矿难度,约为比特币区块生成速度的40倍。程序编译完成后,艺术家启动了ZRCOIN的唯一节点然后开始Solo Mining。

In the first year after releasing Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto solo mined using only his PC and produced over 20,000 blocks. The artist CryptoZR bridges the gap of time and space by connecting with Nakamoto’s willpower through this artwork.