Out of Nothing

Out of nothing 2017-2018
无中生有 2017-2018



“Out of nothing” is the earliest blockchain art experiment created by the artist in Ethereum to allow more than 500,000 users to acquire a type of digital currency. This currency after couples of days was made available to traded on EtherDelta, a decentralized trading house. The artist allowed half a million people to look at this artwork which shall then usher to discuss how the consensus is generated.  

无中生有是艺术家最早的一件区块链实验,在以太坊上,艺术家让五十多万个用户获得了一种数字货币,十几天后,这个币被去中心化交易所“EtherDelta”上架了,并且产生了交易,艺术家只是让五十多万人看到,那么这个作品是在讨论 “共识” 是如何产生的。