YFII-120 United We Stand

The 120 Defense Battle commemorates YFII’s rebirth after YFII was blocked by Balancer and Metamask. This was an unique event in the blockchain world on August 2020: after being attacked by competitors, YFII was blocked by Balancer and Metamask blockchain centralizers on July 27th; though it was unblocked on July 29th, the Chinese blockchain community held on to its price at 120USD and kept up the resistance from August 4th to 18th in 2020. With the victory of so-called 120 defense battle, the value of YFII was eventually recognized.



Send 0 ETH to nft.dfi.eth, with gas limit setting to 200,000 to receive it. 2,768 users already have this NFT.

向 nft.dfi.eth 发送0 ETH,gaslimit设置为20万即可领取,目前已经有2768个用户拥有这件NFT。

Act I: Facing fierce smashing
Act II: The community protects the market and defends 120
Act III: Successfully holding the defense
Act IV: Value is recognized