Chijin-Vice ,2020

CHIJIN-Vice (since April 2021),368N

CHIJIN is the first virtual art museum in Cryptovoxels designed based-off traditional Chinese architectural elements, with its unique artistic style and open organizational concept, it has attracted many organizers and participants. The attention given to CHIJIN lead to the creation of a second one called CHIJIN-Vice.

赤金是Cryptovoxels中第一个基于中国传统建筑元素设计的虚拟美术馆,以其独特的艺术风格和开放的组织理念,吸引了许多组织者和参与者。对 “赤金”的关注导致了 “赤金-Vice”的诞生。

CryptoZR:“Cookie Cookie 2.0” is now on view at two Chijin Art Museums.

CHIJIN-Vice inherits the architectural structure and style of the former one, referencing the Tibetan Buddhist monastery and the side towers of the Forbidden City. Its layout is a Chinese-styled building with three floors and a courtyard.


CHIJIN and CHIJIN-Vice’s buddha statue, Mahavairocana(Da Ri Ru Lai), is the centerpiece of the space. A Tantric-style statue of Buddha, Mahavairocana is three stories high, following the design  of Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, can be seen throughout CHIJIN building on each floor of the gallery space.