Small Goal

Jiaying Liu , Small Goal, 2020, Transfer Destruction Code
刘嘉颖,《小目标》Small Goal,2020,转账销毁代码

Small Goal (SG) is a work that reflects on the relationship between price and market value in the financial market. The artist generates a price for SG, a digital currency, by trading Small Goal on the decentralized exchange Uniswap, where the artist initially sets a price of CNY1.0 for a piece and shows 100 million units of assets in the wallets of users who receive 100 million SG currencies. But  when the users try to transfer out 100 million units of assets, the 100 million units would turn to be zero.

Small Goal (SG)是一件反映金融市场中价格与市值之间关系的作品,艺术家通过在去中心化交易所Uniswap中成交Small Goal,让SG这个数字货币产生价格,初期艺术家设置的价格为1元一枚,在收到1亿个SG货币的用户的钱包中就显示了1个亿的资产数额,当这些用户“动”这一个亿的时候,这一个亿会立即归零。

The artist modified the transfer function of the ERC20 contract by adding a switch. When a restricted transfer is activated, any transfer by the holder will destroy all his or her SG token.

艺术家对ERC20合约的转账功能进行了改造,加入了一个开关。当限制转账开启时,持币者任何转账操作均会将其SG token全部销毁。

Jiaying Liu, Small Goal, 2020, Blocking Contract Transfer Code
刘嘉颖,《小目标》Small Goal, 2020,阻止合约转账代码

At the same time the artist restricts the function of its proxy contract transfer. When the switch activates, the contract transfer function will be disabled, thus locking the transaction price. The artist then established a SG and ETH transaction pair through Uniswap and complete the first transaction by setting its price as 1 ETH=1000 SG, and then airdropped it to the Crypto community.

同时艺术家限制了其代理合约转账的功能,当开关开启时,合约转账功能将会失效,从而锁定交易价格,艺术家随后通过Uniswap建立起SG与ETH交易对,并完成第一笔交易,将其价格设定为 1 ETH = 1000 SG,然后向加密社区进行空投。

Uniswap creates SG/ETH pairs

Given the market pricing of 1ETH=1000SG, the market value of 100 million SGs is 100,000 ETH, so when the users open their wallet, they will see that their assets have increased by 100,000 ETH equivalent (over 100 million CNY), thus reaching a “small goal”. Interestingly, after the trading pair was created, a uniswap robot immediately purchased a larger percentage of SGs in the pool, pushing their price up to $3.89 per coin.

因为有了市场定价1ETH = 1000SG,一亿枚SG市值就是10万ETH。那么当用户打开钱包,就会看到自己资产增加了10万ETH等值金额(超过1亿RMB),从而达到一个“小目标”。有趣的是,交易对创建后,有一个uniswap机器人立即购入了资金池内大比例的SG,将其价格拉升至3.89美元/枚。

Achieve Small Goal
达成Small Goal