Jiaying Liu, 1000EYE, CAFA 2020 Graduation Exhibition



“1000EYE” is a CryptoArtwork based on Ethereum, with the eyes of Satoshi Nakamoto at the center and displaying the eyes of 1000 most representative figures in the 21st century as corresponding to 1,000 issued NFTs and arranged in a prime-numbered spiral shape with polar coordinates. In this work, eyes were take from famous outstanding scientists, entrepreneurs, Crypto-punks, pop stars, and key opinion leaders in the current century. The artist plan to issue an additional piece every decade to record new people who have important contributions to the world.

《1000EYE》是基于以太坊区块链的加密艺术作品,以比特币之父中本聪的 眼睛为中心,质数螺旋排布的方式,由一千位21世纪代表人物的眼睛构成, 并对应发行总计1000个非同质化代币(NFT)。作品中有21世纪最杰出的科学 家、企业家、加密朋克、明星、意⻅领袖等,艺术家计划每十年增发一轮,记录十年内在世界上产生印记的人们。

Liu Jiaying, oil painting part of One Thousand Eyes, 2020

The entity of “1000EYE” is a Cryptocurrency. The 1000 eyes drawn on canvas are the projection of the work in reality, preserved in Ether public chain to be seen by all , each NFT eye is 0.1% of the artwork. They can be split into independent individuals and be combined into a whole. Each eye of figure can perpetuate in blockchain world in form of decentralization.

《1000EYE》的实体是加密货币,在油画布上绘制的一千只眼睛,是作品在 现实中的投影(虚体)。千眼保存于以太坊公链,是可被所有人公开⻅证的 艺术品,每个NFT眼睛都是作品的千分之一。它们在区块链中可以拆分成独 立存在的个体,同时又可以组合成一个整体,每一个人物眼睛以去中心化特质的形式在区块链世界中永存。

Partially enlarged view of 1000EYE, CAFA 2020 graduation exhibition
刘嘉颖,《1000眼》1000EYE 局部,2021,嘉德艺术中心,北京

In the layout of projected canvas, the artist used a prime-numbered spiral with the eyes positioned on the prime number points to reveal the unique and indivisible Cryptographic quality. 1000EYE with the Cryptocurrency corresponding to 1000 eyes was planned to go on auction on December 8th, 2020 and be permanently recorded on the Ether public chain for free circulation.

在作品投影画布的布局上,艺术家采用了质数螺旋,人物的位置在质数点上 显现出独一无二不可拆分的加密特质。《1000EYE》在2021年9月27日拍卖了 1000只眼睛对应的加密货币,并将永久记载于以太坊公链之上进行自由流转。

The artist originally planned to roll 1000EYE into Wall Street on March 2020, but she had to shelved off the plan due to COVID-19. Blockchain invented by Satoshi Nakamoto is a decentralized system, but Wall Street is a symbol of financial center. As the artwork is rolled around Wall Street, the white eye of satoshi nakamoto will literally be at the center of it, implying it to be at the center of Wall Street. Maybe this work can also be named “Roll up, Satoshi Nakamoto”.

艺术家原计划在2020年3月将《1000EYE》放在华尔街上滚动。中本聪发明的区块链是一个去中心化的系统,而华尔街正是一个金融中心的象征,在滚动画面时,以中本聪纯白的眼睛为中心,这件作品也可以称为《滚吧!中本聪》(Roll up,Satoshi Nakamoto)。这个滚动的展出计划,由于疫情的原因,被搁置了。