「1000EYE」experiment homogenized NFT

“1000EYE” is an artwork created by CryptoZR in 2019, which consists of the eyes of 1,000 people who have made an impact on the world, forming an Ulam Spiral. In the real world, no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin is, but in ‘1000EYE’, Satoshi’s eye is the most visible of them all. Even through each person that are alluded to in the work is bring huge changes to the world, when all their eyes are place in an anonymize order, it is difficult to say which belongs to whose.

The artist homogenizes the “non-homogeneous” characters by removing the attributes in the metadata, minimizing the differences between the people, and when the differences between NFTs are erased, the monetary properties of Tokens will begin to emerge. The method used by the artist is akin to a primitive human ability to draw and paint as proof of workload (POW) to provide the underlying monetary value for these EYEs.

“1000 EYE” was conceived in the second quarter of 2019, and while the artist painted the physical work, she issued the NFT contract on August 26, 2019 and minted all 1,000 NFTs before the opening of Devcon5. According to Nansen, “1000EYE” can be ranked 37th out of 1,248 NFT contracts by date of release and is an early creation of crypto art in NFT form.

Devcon5 took place in Osaka, Japan in October 2019, bringing together thousands of Ether developers, crypto artists and community members from different regions of the world. Although Ether has entered a temporary downturn after the last 1C0 bubble cycle, new ideas are in the pipeline, including DeFi, NFT, and others. Among them are autoglyphs, artonomous, Crypko and other crypto-generative art concepts that are being promoted and popularized during this period.

As the community was still trying to find a new direction, there were few transactions on the chain, and gasPrice was able to successfully package transactions at 1 Gwei. “All of the 1000EYE NFTs were minted during this period.

The artist divided the whol divided the whole oil painting into 1000 independent NFTs, each NFT can exist independently and at the same time can be combined and mapped as an oil painting entity, and the combinable form is not limited to the prime number spiral itself. It is similar to ancient times when people traded with shells, EYE is designed to be closer to a currency and can be seen as a token with a precision of 0 ERC20.

As for the Ulam spiral, it is a structure that simply demonstrates a certain distinct pattern of prime numbers. Prime numbers are an important part of cryptography (e.g. RSA algorithm), and the whole blockchain world is built on the foundation of cryptography. The eyes of all the characters in “1000EYE” have been placed on prime number points by the artist as a token of appreciation for their contribution to the advancement of the world.

The anonymization of character attributes within the metadata of NFT also corresponds to the nodes on the public chain. Only if the number of nodes is large enough and difficult to track can digital attacks be made more difficult. Even if a few of these nodes fail, it will not affect the overall security of the system. Just like the people who drive the crypto world, they can better secure themselves by hiding among the masses through anonymity techniques. Traditional organizations, on the other hand, have a single point of failure and are not counter-vulnerable.

In May 2021, artist CryptoZR held the world’s first solo exhibition of crypto art at the Guardian Art Center in Beijing, and was named one of the best exhibitions of the summer 2021 by AMEX Essential.

“1000EYE” is one of the major works in this solo exhibition.

In August 2021, the CryptoPunk craze launched NFT Summer, a Fair Mint mechanism that allows collectors to participate in the NFT trade at low cost. However there are some problems with this mechanism, such as rarity-based pre-determination can give bots a greater competitive advantage. The text-based native NFTs represented by mLoot have been snapped up by bots due to a flawed random number design, and high-quality NFTs have led to a collapse of consensus instead. As for what is rare, collectors tend to choose the most extreme attributes based on data. How then is the aesthetic value of a work of art reflected, after all, famous paintings do not prove their artistry and value through data.

The artist CryptoZR decided to minimize the Metadata, keeping only the image information. NFTs are essentially ledgers that record information about their holders in order to determine the ownership of assets, and they are the RAI Stones of the crypto era. Metadata is the detailed description of the ledger, which portrays the external image of these crypto-stones.

Unlike most algorithmically generated projects, each eye of “1000EYE” is drawn by hand and cannot be generated in bulk. This is a proof-of-work (POW) for crypto art, and it takes more than a year to complete the whole piece.

NFT (Non Fungible Token) itself is a Token that not only carries the media element of the work, but is also a natural social token (Social Money) for the artist. For Social Money, ERC721 is better than ERC20. ERC721 comes with rich media information such as text, images and videos, which makes it easy to share and display on social media. Also, since the trading mechanism of NFT is close to over-the-counter (OTC) trading, unlike ERC20, there is a large disturbance in the market price when buying or selling in large quantities.

The on-chain governance tool Snapshot already supports NFT voting, and CollabLand can also display different level designations within the community based on users’ NFT positions. At present, the Discord community of artist CryptoZR has completed the configuration of community identity. Once a collector obtains an EYE, he can obtain the corresponding community identity by binding his personal ethereum address with his Discord account, depending on the number of works held.

Artist Introduction


(Liu Jiaying) 

CryptoZR was the product designer of Global SNS in the IBD of Tencent headquarters.During the postgraduate period, she focused on using the underlying technology of the blockchain and constantly explored the unique artistic language.Obtained a master’s degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2020.In 2021, the world’s first physical exhibition of blockchain art and encryption art will be held in Beijing.

Sales Information

– Official Website: 1000eye.org

– Discord: discord.gg/9TDrYpv2ak

– Sale Time: 2021. 09.26 13:00 – 09.29 13:00 (UTC)

– Circulation: 1000

– Price: 1 ETH

Process and Rules

– Purchase rules:


The project “1000eye” is an artwork released by the artist CryptoZR in 2019. A total of 1,000 NFTs were generated during devcon5 in October 2019 and will be used for this public sale.


The sale will last for 3 days, starting at 13:00 UTC on September 26, 2021 and ending at 13:00 on September 29.


All artworks can be purchased with ETH. The computer terminal can be accessed through metamask plugin in the browser, and the mobile terminal can be accessed through wallets that support ETH operations such as ImToken, Math Wallet, TokenPocket, etc.


The price of each NFT is fixed at 1 ETH, and the TokenID will be issued in the order of transaction from 1 to 1000. The TokenID for the first transaction’s address is 1 and the address of the last transaction is 1000. However, the tokenID 1 does not mean that it corresponds to the first image, and it needs to be finally determined by random numbers after the sale is completed.


After the sale starts, one NFT can be purchased for each transaction, and there is no limit to the number of NFTs that can be purchased for each ETH account.


There is no refund machnism after a NFT is sold. Please browse the 1000 image preview provided by the announcement address before purchasing to decide whether to purchase.


If all 1000 NFTs have been sold out, or when the sale deadline is reached at 21:00 on September 29, the sale of the artwork will cease. Subsequent purchase transactions will fail.

– Random number generation rules:


Before the public sale, the image display address of the works with image numbers 1~1000 will be public announced on the project twitter. Anyone can check the images corresponding to the numbers 1~1000 through the link in the announcement, and it is also available on the sale website to preview the entry of all artworks.


Before the random number is generated, the content of the artwork is in a blind box style, and the final presentation of the eyes needs to be determined after the random number is generated, so that each NFT token number can uniquely correspond to the image number.


The random number is based on the closing data of Bloomberg Nasdaq Composite Index on September 29, US Eastern Time * 100 as the external entropy. This value is added 1~1000 to generate 1000 SHA3 hashs, and these hashs will be sorted from small to large, and determine the image ID corresponding to each NFT ID according to the sequence number, as the final artwork metadata.

Let’s demonstrate the random number generation method of 10 NFTs. Taking the closing price of 19252.28 as an example, the corresponding result of the picture and NFT is

image_id:1 for token_id 4 with Hash:0x0cbb75d4fdd4cbd4397300cc6ff44953f0669f9b05f29646d1a35ac6547a949c

image_id:2 for token_id 5 with Hash:0x38ae0bc9731b20f6a61fa8e6cf0790bdd90cc3229cae0ac304284e0f46137de1

image_id:3 for token_id 3 with Hash:0x6c065dc90d0972a9dc941632a985ed2531ce36d98b5f22e711cf755814f84560

image_id:4 for token_id 6 with Hash:0x7dfb03d9191a87530fad3ae56bfc3fdeb62db2549a7f63868b53eb062ea7d121

image_id:5 for token_id 7 with Hash:0x94b1da84f559eff6ad6e436fdaa992c0267ff754fb01a92f16dbcfcbc806441b

image_id:6 for token_id 2 with Hash:0x9c90011123e88280440a1ce9324092c480f250afdd1eee6775bbb0fd6ae8bb21

image_id:7 for token_id 1 with Hash:0xc03375fd931c5ca571c7196babd20e1a81a76552af4bc0a7cdcb639d58e3d4a5

image_id:8 for token_id 10 with Hash:0xcefaeb56d8576cdedfeb4017d6bcdbe2c77c4091863a18d3ca8774656041e415

image_id:9 for token_id 9 with Hash:0xe9c3b662e29a4ef7ca3aab3c2917757e443822559316d8ba6089dc0c035b46a3

image_id:10 for token_id 8 with Hash:0xf339805dbc6667314feb5e0a66aa120d67f473e6eadbab591aa708cee6b6985f

You can see that the NFT with a token_id of 3 generates the smallest hash value 0x0ba9…7db9, which corresponds to image No.1

The corresponding algorithm can be obtained and verified on Github.


– Purchase rules:

1. What is the address of 1000eye NFT contract?


2. What is the NFT public offering contract?


3. How to join the collector community?



Enter the verification channel in discord and enter !join to bind the ETH account that holds the NFT of the artwork, and you can get different community image displays according to the number of collections.

4. Can I sell these NFTs again?

Yes, trade through platforms such as OpenSea, Rarible or Element

5. What is the scope of 1000eye’s copyright?

NFT Collectors of 1000eye can use their own NFT to create derivative artworks or physical goods, but does not include “1000eye” as a whole physical oil painting artworks and the derivative artworks of it.

6. Which payment methods can be used to purchase 1000eye NFT?

Only supports Ethereum payment. Please use Metamask or mobile wallet to buy 1000eye. Direct withdrawal from the exchange to the contract address for purchase is not supported. Please withdraw ETH to your wallet first, and then purchase through the sale page.

7. Will NFT be tradable before the announcement of the random number on September 29?

It can be traded. The subject of the transaction is the blind box status of undisclosed images. On the night of September 29th, the team will update the image information corresponding to each NFT according to the above algorithm.

8. After the blind box is released, if the original status is still displayed, how to update the content?

In Opensea, just click the refresh button, and then visit again in a few minutes to update to the latest content.

9. After the purchase, where can I see my NFT?

In addition to the official website, it can be seen on any platform or wallet that supports NFT sales or display.



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