Created in 2019, the artwork titled 1000EYE has one eye of SatoshiNakamoto painted in the center.


Inspired by the order of an Ulam (prime) spiral.


I took the eyes of 1,000 people, placed them on the prime points, and issued 1000 NFTs (non-fungible token) respectively.


This artwork therefore homogenized these non-homogenous figures.


Except for Satoshi Nakamoto, all the figures whose eyes are painted in 1000EYE are anonymous.


For the issuance approach, the closing index on the Nasdaq trading day immediately after the issuance date was used as a random number generator to randomize the picture number given to each of the 1000 NFTs.


After the randomization


The artist herself cannot supply any useful information about the pictures to ensure the fairness of issuance.


Only on the first trading day after the artwork initially sold can the eyes of each figure corresponding to each tokenID be reckoned.


This public sale started at 13:00 (UTC) September 26, 2021 and the issuance of all NFTs completed within two hours. The total sales of the artwork is 1,000 ETH.