Small Goal

The artwork titled “Small Goal” was created using Ethereum’s decentralized finance technology.


In China, a Small Goal is an internet meme that represents 100 million RMB.


The artist CryptoZR used the ERC20 token standard to create a modified digital token called “Small Goal” or SG for short.

艺术家CryptoZR使用ERC20代币标准,发行了一种被改造过的数字代币,名称为Small Goal,简称SG

The artwork was released on July 10, 2020.


The artist created a trading pair between SG and ETH on the decentralized exchange “Uniswap” pricing SG at 1 RMB per token.

艺术家通过去中心化交易平台 Uniswap ,创建了SG与以太币的交易,将SG定价为每枚1元人民币。

The token’s trading function was then locked, and it was airdropped to members of the crypto community with each member receiving 100 million SG tokens.


Their digital wallet showed an increase of 100 million RMB in assets.


This event sparked a discussion in the community when one member tried to transfer their SG tokens, the tokens suddenly disappeared from the user’s account.