TopBidder Artbyss

TopBidder Artbyss is a virtual art gallery based on the TopBidder encrypted art auction site.

TopBidder Artbyss是基于TopBidder网站的一个虚拟美术馆

Located on the waterfront of Cryptovoxels virtual world, the exterior of the gallery is built in reference to Cthulhu, and the interior of the gallery resembles the layout of the Guggenheim, with three levels of circular staircases with fire arrows in the middle.


The plaque design of TopBidder Artbyss is carried by a classical architecture that focuses on proportions, colliding with highly saturated neon light, highly reflective metal, circuit networks, and futuristic textured material and symbolic elements like Cthulhu and the Eye of God, creating a Cyber Academy style with a sense of contrast.

TopBidder Artbyss的牌匾设计以注重比例的古典派建筑为承载,碰撞高饱和霓虹灯光、高反光金属、电路网络以及克苏鲁和上帝之眼这种未来之感的材质和符号元素,形成具有反差感的赛博学院风格。

The pixelated cubes of the ocean floor and the circular architecture create a deep and mysterious sense of space, and by using strong colour contrast it presents a greater visual impact.


At the center of the gallery is a hovering observation deck that leads to the top deck. This device rises automatically in a halo tunnel, moving slowly from the first floor to the top of the gallery, and is an important tool for navigating the entirety of the gallery, acting as a gondola. This is the equivalent of a gondola. It is an innovative way to see the museum, and is a novelty in Cryptovoxels.


The entire top floor is surrounded by red octopus tentacles, where not only is the largest screen in the museum connected to the twitch live stream, but also the mysterious passage into the hidden space of the museum. When you look up, you can see the Cthulhu ghosts floating everywhere above the museum and the golden light that rises up to the sky, the whole sky is covered by a huge golden light to create a strong sense of vertigo.


TopBidder Artbyss:,449N,6.5F