TopBidder Artbyss

TopBidder Artbyss is a virtual art gallery based on TopBidder website, located on the seashore of CV virtual world. The exterior of the gallery is reminiscent of Cthulhu and the interior design is similar to  the Guggenheim. In the center area there is a launching rocket, on top floor the observation platform. The eggs and tentacles of octopus decorate the façade of gallery.

TopBidder Artbyss是基于TopBidder网站的一个虚拟美术馆,它位于CV虚拟世界的海边,美术馆外面采用克苏鲁风格的建筑,展厅内部类似古根海姆的布局结构,中心区域有直飞冲天的火箭,顶层有观景平台。美术馆外侧有章鱼卵、触手等动态装饰元素。

Interior View of TopBidder Gallery

TopBidder Artbyss:,449N,6.5F