RECT.ART is a crypto native, NFT minting platform designed by the studio of artist CryptoZR for creators to co-create artworks. It was conceived as a response to the copyleft movement and affirmative action in art.


RECT.ART adopts the Free Art License, allowing creators to mint NFTs using rectangular pixel blocks. Any NFT on the platform can be used as image material by other creators for free to create derivative artworks, leading to increasingly complex image forms.


Each NFT on RECT.ART can evolve into at most 255 sub-NFTs, with a maximum depth of 32 iterations for a single branch.


Up to 1077 different works can be created on this platform, with all images natively stored on the blockchain.


RECT.ART uses an improved TopBidder protocol for value distribution. All RECT.ART NFTs have a default starting price of 0.05 ETH, and anyone who bids 10% higher than the previous bid can acquire the NFT. Once an NFT is successfully auctioned, the smart contract will send 50% of the profit to the creator of this NFT and 10% to the owner of its mother NFT, which encourages collectors to invest in high-quality works.


RECT.ART draws on the concept of open source in Crypto culture and launched an open source art movement, marking the arrival of the era of equal rights in artistic creation.